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The Association is an independent autonomous organization of professionals in the field of education, media in education and publishing. The main objective of the Association is to bring together professionals from various disciplines related to the fields of education, specifically education provided through virtual worlds, in order to explore ideas and pool resources, experience and energies for the future of education.


Further the Association aims to:

  • offer space for courses in virtual environments;
  • develop and submit new project proposals co-financed by the European Commission;
  • enhance the participation to exisiting networks and the foundation of new ones in the field of virtual world education;


All requests to join the Association require the submission of a full profile of the prospective member and each membership will be approved by the majority of the Board of Administration of the Association.

Registration as a member of the Association can be made via the register button below. The accession of a new member to the Association is made public in the members area.



 Note: You can register but will not be a full member if you haven't paid the membership fee.


Membership fee:
Membership in the Association is open to individual members, associations and organizations.

For the calendar year of 2016 the fee for individual membership is 20€, regardless of the month/date the individual joins the association. To pay the membership fee, click on the 'donate' button below.



Membership fee for organizations or associations is 100 € per annum, including the rights and services of the Euroversity Association (EA) for a number of up to 10 individuals of the organization/association for an EA service or event.

To pay the membership fee, click on the 'donate button' below.



 The rights and duties of individual members, organisations and associations are laid out in the Statutes of the EA.