We aim to inspire by creating learning spaces where learners become actively engaged by interacting in an immersive environment while developing new skills.


  • Coordinate¬† services and events suggested by members.
  • Extend the existing Euroversity Network through mutual exchange via regular newsletters, calendar updates on events and activities, regular webinars and more.
  • Provide part of the Avalon virtual island (EA) for advertising.
  • Set up teleports from Avalon island (EA) to other virtual islands or web locations.
  • Offer space for courses in virtual environments.
  • Develop and submit new project proposals co-financed by the European Commission.
  • Provide some parts of the Avalon island (EA) for meetings.
  • Enhance the participation to exisiting networks and the foundation of new ones in the field of virtual world education.
  • Set up scenarios and opportunities for film making (machinima) on the Avalon island.
  • Add more resources of good practice to the existing framework of good practice as laid down in the WIKI