Euroversity is a pan-European Associaton of professionals devoted to education through 2D and 3D virtual environments.

Who we are

We are a group of passionate scholars, researchers, educators and practioners from a wide range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, geographic locations and disciplines. We are professionals in the field exploring and evaluating pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching within 2D/3D contexts.  Our expertise comprises languages, management and economics, media studies, computer engineering, digital design, and computer -assisted language learning.
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What we do

One of our goals is to help practioners within the association to develop a better understanding of the complex teaching and learning landscape in  2D/3D virtual settings. Through collaboration, experienced educators and practioners will help the novice to understand virtual settings and approaches, by utilizing resources to overcome challenges.

The Euroversity Project outcomes collected in a Wiki are open for further development and change. More...




Prof. Dr. Judith Molka-Danielsen
Molde University College, Norway,
President of the Association

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Euroversity Project Outcomes

 For further information about the Euroversity project - visit the Euroversity Website

The project outcomes are collected in a WIKI. There are a range of different resources that reflect the life cycle of the Euroversity project. There are short descriptions and links to further resources, including a number of case studies as well as some practical support as regards to working in Virtual Worlds. You are most welcome to explore the WIKI and add to it.